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Is This The iPhone 5S or iPhone 4 Lite? Pictures Found

Here we go! The iPhone 5 rumour mill has kicked into full swing with a set of leaked photos purporting to be the forthcoming cheaper iPhone 5, or iPhone 4S.

Vietnamese site Tinhte has revealed some sneaky pictures of what looks like a white iPhone 4, although with matte white plastic front and back panels instead of the classy glass used on the iPhone 4.

We’ve already heard a report that Apple plan to launch both the iPhone 5 and a cheaper iPhone for Pay As You Go customers and developing markets, so this leak could tie in with that information. Perhaps Apple are planning to release a product similar to the iPhone 4 but made with cheaper materials to bring the cost down.

Tinhte insists that its source is “very reliable” and also confirm that this device is lighter and faster than the iPhone 4, despite its similar looks.  Strangely one of the pictures that show the device in action displays a screenshot from the Cydia application, something that is only installed on Jailbroken iPhones. It would be strange for an iPhone prototype to be jailbroken, wouldn’t it?

You can check out three snapshots of the device in our gallery below and make up your own mind. Be sure to let us know whether you think this is the real deal or yet another iFake!

Source: Tinhte