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Apple iPhone 6 Models to Have Two Different Release Days?

I confess. I am a bit of an Apple fan boy. Maybe this is just a phase and I will get over it but it has been a phase that seems to have gone on for a while and seems to be getting worse. Often, I find myself hunting for new rumours on the iPhone 6 and I am already waiting in anticipation for the new release. Unfortunately most rumours are pure speculation and are often just too good to be true, however some are more down to earth and feasible: I am talking about the recent rumour about the release of the iPhone 6 variants being staggered with the 5.5inch version launching around 6 months after the 4.7inch version.

Now, one can presume that launching the two versions of the iPhone 6 separately is due to previous issues encountered when launching the of 5S and 5C at the same time – but I don’t see this as being an issue at all.

Any company can market a product as much as they like but realistically people know what they want and realistically customers aren’t going to get both phones – bearing this in mind, I see no sense in releasing both models separately. Surely this is a bad idea because it just means that there are less Apple models to choose from and that Apple take up a lesser percentage of what phones are currently available? In addition to this what are the two bestselling phones on the market at the moment? That’s right the 5C and 5S. So surely there is no issue on both models becoming available at the same time?

Anyway, as it stands Apple are set to unveil the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 in September with the 5.5 inch following around 6 months later. Apple is said to be preparing between 70 and 80 million units for sale to meet the expected demand from Android users flocking back to the new iOS system and those existing customers that are due a contract upgrade.