iPhone 6S Predicted To Sell 10m On Release

It seems that for as long as we have known, Apple and their iPhone have dominated the sales statistics of the smartphone market. As it always is, there has to be a leader in any sort of industry, and it so happens to be them. You might say it’s their charm, or their style, or just that their products are better. But at the end of the day, there always has to be a winner. And it’s Apple.

Anyway, Apple’s new iPhone 6S was launched in the usual style expected buy the company on the 9th of this month. The usual fanfare of the globally live streamed event and appearance by current figurehead Tim Cook saw the new 6S, with the new 3D Touch system and of course the exact same look as last year’s model (but trust us, it’s made of much, much better materials) the new 6S is expected to smash records for sales on release.

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Apple themselves told news outlets this week that the demand for the smartphone was so stupendous that, as the article title suggests, the company predicted that the phone would fly of the shelves to the tune of ten million units in the first weekend of the device being available for sale, which will apparently smash the previous year’s record of around the same number.

So as you can see everything’s coming up Apple. The new phone may not be tot much of a big leap from the previous model, but after nearly a decade of making iPhones, Apple’s still got it. It seems like only yesterday the original model captured the imagination of the mobile phone market’s big spenders, and now, here we are in 2015, where 1 million are expected to sell in the first couple of days after release. Amazing.

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The scale of this sales weekend will be absolutely boosted by finally including China releases on the same day. previously our Chinese friends had to wait a while for the iPhone to arrive in their wonderful country, however, this time around the release date is simultaneous worldwide, including us Europeans and of course the Americans too. Maybe sales will break 11, or 12 million. Who knows.

We’ve always had a soft spot for Apple, so we’ll be keen to report if any such kind of record breaking sales figure happens. Until that time, don’t forget to get hold of your iPhone 6S, or 6S Plus, on September 25th, worldwide, from Apple. Pre-orders are open now at Apple’s website. Even in Rose Gold. It’s not girly if it’s gold, lads. Go on, grab it.

VIA: Techspot