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Amazon Fire TV 2 Rumored To Be Arriving

So you might have seen us reporting on the refreshed and renewed Apple TV which was announced at Apple’s September event earlier this week. Apple’s TV box has got new touch sensitive controls and Siri support to boot. However, rival Amazon’s Fire TV has also (apparently) been scheduled for a reboot, with the product recently being passed through the FCC in America.

The Fire TV was discovered by plucky web digger Dave Zatz, and apparently the new box will feature HDMI digital media receiving capabilities. Sneaky old Amazon managed to slide in the filing relatively unnoticed via a shell company known as ‘Quill Royal LLC’. The sneaky move of using shell companies to push through new products is not a new one, with big corporations often making up unassuming subsidiaries in order to patent or register new stuff undetected.

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The filing of course sits in the highly changeable  status of rumor, or unconfirmed product territory, but as the original Fire TV box is gone from Amazon, and of course Mr. Zatz’s previous unmasking of the similarly sneakily filed Amazon game controller, the good money’s on this being legit.

As you can see on the Amazon site, the Fire TV is mysteriously unavailable.

The registered device includes some fairly normal features that you’d come to expect from the average set top box, but the rumor explicitly has it that the new Amazon Fire TV will have 4K playback capabilities in order to deliver the ultra HD 4K programming Amazon has promised to add to their lineup in the following months.

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The filing with the FCC says that the device will apparently be equipped with a microSD card slot and feature 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity as well as a standard Ethernet port. A USB port said to be included does hint at support for a flash drive or other expansion, or even an accessory such as a controller.

While it’s important to understand there are always a lot of rumors flying around with regards to new products, Apple’s announcement of the revamped Apple TV and the removal of the original Fire TV from Amazon do give a lot of credibility to this finding. Hopefully we’ll hear about the new device from official channels soon.

Source: David Zatz @

Via: Techspot