The rumored upcoming iWatch from Apple has been billed as having features ranging from highly sensitive heartbeat sensors to the much lusted after Sapphire glass screen, which has had Apple fans drooling since the first rumors came out. However, a recent rumors has it that the battery life of the device will be a letdown for users.

A render of what the iWatch could look like

A report posted online in The Information has revealed that the iWatch may be equipped with a sub par battery compared to competing Android Wear products which are currently on the market. For example, the Motorola Moto 360 boasts a battery life of up to a day, according to Motorola, although some are saying this might not be the case.

Apparently the report detailing the short battery life is sourced directly from an Apple employee, who has apparently been doing the rounds speaking to other employeers, who have all ‘set low expectations’ for the device’s battery life.

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It’s not the first time The Information has published rumors from inside sources which have slammed the battery life of the device. Apple has been trying to find solutions to packing enough power into the device during its development.

Some solutions they’re allegedly tried include a canceled solar charging plan, a patented kinetic charging method similar to self-winding mechanical watches and even new, ‘smarter’ batteries using an unknown method, according to reports from The NY Times back in February.

The iPhone 6 may also suffer from the same battery life issues.

Whether the iWatch’s battery will perform as poorly as the report suggests remains to be seen, but from what has been said before about the battery life of Apple products such as the iPhone, it does seem that Apple does have a problem with getting their devices to hold enough charge.

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The iWatch is supposed to be revealed on the 9th of September as part of a larger announcement by Apple which is most likely going to primarily focused on the iPhone 6. Time will tell if the battery rumours are credible. Watch this space for more information.

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