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Only in Japan! – World’s oldest gamer: Here comes BomberGRAN!

The average age of a UK gamer has previously been reported as between 25 and 34, but our gaming friends in the Land of The Rising Sun would beg to differ – in particular Mrs. Umeji.

Mrs U is 99 years old and along with needlecraft her biggest hobby.. hold that – her lifestyle  is playing Bomberman. Hour and hours of Bomberman. She’s not just good. This old lady is a machine. With some 26 years of gaming experience behind her, she can usually complete the puzzler in less than two and a half hours – Somedays achieving this feat twice.

Japanese TV show Nani Kore Chin Hyakkei (often accused for faking stories) paid the gaming grandma a visit, of course finding her concrentrating hard on her favourite title for the Super Famicom console (SNES to UK & USA). The program reports Mrs U to be the World’s Oldest Gamer and in the segment she bested stage 50 of the game in front of the cameras proving this is no faux – this granny’s a pro!   

Bomberman was original released as an 8-bit title in 1985, with the Super Bomberman revision coming in 1993 for Super Nintendo console. I remember putting some hours into this one with my pals “back in the day”, thinking we were pretty good. But this old lady would have even us whippersnappers whipped!

“Playing Famicom keeps me from going senile” Mrs. U says.

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Congratulation to Japan’s Womens national football team who won the Womens World Cup – also helping to bust the record for most tweets per second on Twitter!

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Source: Kotaku