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KFC India Launches “Watt a Box” Free USB Charger With Your Chicken and Chips

Diners at selected KFC restaurants in India are not only filling their bellies with finger-licking fried chicken but also fuelling their phones for free thanks to the Colonel’s latest tech-related give-away gimmick called Watt a Box.

The limited edition 5-in-1 meal package comes complete with not only bits of tasty bird and a side of fries but also a novel portable charging gadget which packs 6,100mAh of power and is said to cater for two micro USB connectable devices – be it a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player (lead included). Ideal for when you’re hooked up to the restaurants free Wi-Fi while enjoying your grub!

The Watt a Box is removable from the main packaging, so it’s ready to take away and is only available in limited supply at KFC branches in Delhi and Mumbai and comes courtesy of the on-going collaboration between the restaurant chain and Mumbai-based tech company Blink Digital.

This is not the first time the world-renowned chicken vendor has incorporated tech into meal time and last year some of KFC’s Canadian outlets gave away the Memories Bucket – a bargain bucket which an extra added feature at the bottom that allowed you to transfer photos to the bucket via Bluetooth and print them Polaroid style!

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