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KlikR – The One Universal Remote Control

KlikR – The Universal Remote To Rule Them All

Smartphones used to be something we thought we would never actually require. With a PC or laptop at home the need for these seemed to be in some far distant future. Nowadays they manage the lives of a good proportion of the planet through user interaction. Of course, it’s not the phones controlling the people after all right?

Anyway, just when we though there were no more devices we could possibly need in our everyday lives, along comes KlikR.
KlikR is a small Bluetooth product that can be stuck onto or right next to any infrared remote controlled electronic product, making it almost instantly controllable from your Android or iPhone via the accompanying app.

Sounds promising right?  Well, yeah it seems to be pretty great actually. The device itself is non-intrusive to your home and once placed onto the device it is to be controlling, you will probably never need to touch it again. It will also be available in three different colors if you want it to match your device; only two colors available at present though.

Simple to use, just stick onto or near the device you are choosing to control, as long as it has a remote sensor it will work. Once thata is done KlikR’s clever little app will let you comfortably control all devices in your home from the comfort of your sofa.

The KlikR remote can be organised to control room by room. It can also be used to straddle various commands together to streamline your home life. The App will recognise voice command too, so, even less effort to change your tv channel.

Currently on offer at Technobuffalo at 31% off, just $19.99

KlikR’s site

Source: Technobuffalo