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New leaked Image and Video of Google Nexus 6 / X

We can all agree that the Google Nexus 6 is coming our way, very, very soon and it appears that soon may be in the next 2 weeks, as once again a supposed leaked image of the incoming handset shows that the Nexus 6 will indeed share many of Motorola’s Moto X design features.

The leaked image has come from the serial leaker @Evleaks, who is supposedly retired from the leaking game, and it shows the Nexus S in what looks like a press style shot.

The leaked image shows a design similar to the Motorola Moto X with its curved back and simple style, as well as the Android L software on clear display.

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Another leak comes in the form of a Google Advert, promotion the Android OS where a handset that looks strikingly similar is shown too.

The Advert allude to the fact eh handset will be pretty large, so we could be talking a new Phablet on the block (Look out Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus) or it could suggest some sizing variants for the incoming Android flagship phone.

Many sources state that the New Nexus 6 will be coming in the next few weeks, with the handset reportedly being built by Motorola, and possibly even sharing the Moto X’s name by being called the Nexus X.

There is still press event or announcement set, so Google could just spring the new Android phone on us at any moment.