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Leaked iPhone 7 Code Shows Li-Fi Testing

The iPhone 7 rumour machine is now in full motion and new to the list of speculations is the possibility that Apple could embrace the currently experimental concept of Li-Fi connectivity.

As the name would suggest, Li-Fi is like Wi-Fi – providing a wireless internet connection but instead of using fixed points it utilises the ultra-violet and infra-red spectrums. Basically it all travels through light sources. This means it can offer wider network penetration than can be provided by WLAN points and hotspots.

The idea of Li-Fi has actually been around since 2011 and was created at the University of Edinburgh but despite its potential practical applications it’s yet to hit mainstream devices. That could change if Apple incorporates it into the next iPhone which looks likely if iOS 9.1 code findings by a Twitter jail-breaker turn out to be genuine.

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The source is @ktyofujibaya on Twitter who previously leaked that Apple might do away with a 3.5mm or headphone port on the iPhone 7 to make it at least 1mm thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 6. The latest tweet states “Li-Fi testing is already imminent. May appear in the next iPhone 7 according to iOS code in iOS 9.1 firmware.” and LiFi Connectivity clearly appears in the coding on the accompanying screenshot.

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