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Thinner iPhone 7 Could Come With OLED screen and No 3.5mm Headphone Port

With the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus now successfully integrated into society rumour of course has moved to the future generation iPhone 7 which is looking set to break the mould once more.

Current model iPhone 6S.

The first hint that Apple will go for a major redesign with its next iPhone is based on the suggestion that the now familiar LED touchscreen will be replaced with an OLED display. Despite being primarily a Samsung manufactured concept, embracing OLED would offer the iPhone brand the opportunity to step into the realm of flexible and curved screens. Something which rivals such Sony, LG and Samsung itself has done with its smartphones including the Galaxy S6 Edge which features Super-AMOLED on its round sides.

Having let its rivals dabble in the display format, which in the past has been questioned about its longevity, Apple might look to take the leap going forward but the next full iPhone launch isn’t set to happen until 2017 if rumours are to be believed.

In another report, it’s stated that Apple will be looking to trim the fat on the iPhone 7, reducing its thickness by at least 1mm by doing away with the 3.5mm jack port. This leaves questions about how headphones might connect if this new design tweak comes to pass. Will it be Bluetooth? Will it be via the Lightning connection?

If the latter direction goes ahead we’re sure Apple will find some way to market its own branded ear gear to the faithful masses. Let’s not forget about its collaboration with Beats. Co-incidence or commerce?