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LG Developing a Quad-Core, 10+ Megapixel Galaxy SIII Rival

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Samsung, Apple, and HTC had better watch their backs, as word has slipped out that LG is secretly working on its own quad-core processor and a behemoth smartphone to utilise it.

LG’s latest flagship, the Optimus 4X HD, is currently struggling to make it to some markets in order to compete against the likes of the Galaxy SIII and One X, but LG is already planning a sequel. The big deal about this phone is that it will use LG’s very own brand of quad-core processor, just as Samsung does with its Exynos chip in the S3.

The processor will be ARM-based, and will apparently be called the L9. According to sources familiar with LG’s plans, the new processor will make its first appearance in a new phone this September.

We’ve previously heard plans of the world’s first ‘True Full HD’ screen for mobile devices from LG, which they could be looking to pair up with their own quad-core L9 processor to make what could be a phenomenal phone. The report also says that a rear camera sensor of at least 10-Megapixels will be used for the first time, which sounds very interesting.

From these reports it seems that LG is finally seeing that it makes quality parts for other manufacturers – such as screens for Apple – that it could use for its own phones. This is Samsung’s plan of course, using its own processor, screen, and chips for phones like the Galaxy SIII.

Just what LG plans to launch remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll hear more about this top-secret superphone in the near future.

Via: PhoneArena

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