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LG Optimus G2 leaked hours ahead of official event

The curtains have been pulled back, revealing the LG Optimus G2 in all its glory. Unfortunately the curtain puller wasn’t LG; it was none other than @Evleaks on Twitter, again.

Just hours before LG’s planned event kicks off in New York City, the serial leakster posted the official press image of the phone via their increasingly popular Twitter page.

Of course, we’ve caught glimpses of the handset numerous times before, with LG itself even recently showing us the phone clad in an intriguing flip cover case. These leaks have given away design aspects, features and internal specifications, but this final image now pulls it all together nicely.

We can see that the handset bears a resemblance to the Galaxy S4, with curved edges and a rounded frame. The back panel looks to be finished with a very slick effect, with a 13 megapixel camera breaking up the otherwise smooth face at the top. If you’re wondering what the up and down arrows below the camera are; those are the volume keys – interesting placement, we’re sure you’ll agree.

As for the specifications, the Optimus G2 will rock a 5.2-inch Full HD display, the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and of course, that 13 megapixel rear camera. At the moment we’re still waiting on other details in terms of specs, but all will be revealed later today by LG.

The phone looks to be slender, measuring 8.9mm thick and weighing in at 143g – not the slimmest nor lightest, but enough to make the phone sleek. Finally, we know that it will become a member of the elite club of Nano SIM phones, joining the iPhone 5, Moto X and iPad Mini.

Stay tuned for the official reveal coming later today.