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LG Watch Urbane 4G Will Be WebOS Based

LG will be releasing a second version of its luxury smartwatch the LG Watch Urbane which will support 4G (LTE) and run a version of WebOS.

The LG Watch Urbane LTE will be the first wearable that can connect to super-fast mobile data networks and can be used for NFC payments and to make calls over VoLTE without the need of a smartphone, making you feel like a modern day Power Ranger. Like South Korean neighbour Samsung with its own smartwatches this one also won’t rely on Android Wear as its operating system.

Sammy recently took it home by announcing its own Tizen platform will feature on its future wrist gadgets and LG are going back to roots too by employing the Linux based WebOS which it helped develop itself with open community contributors, to create a new OS called the LG Wearable Platform. The name is not yet official but allegedly comes from someone close to the subject (as always).

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The influence of WebOS, which was originally released by Palm in 2009, will soon be found on most LG devices including smart TVs and smartphones. Despite once being regarded as a non-starter by many in the tech industry the company seems to be pushing the platform more and more since taking it off the hands of Hewlett Packard in 2013 after they pretty much left it for dead.

LG might look to make its own ecosystem of WebOS and LG Wearable Platform devices but is not yet ready to completely cut the apron strings from Google and the regular model of LG Watch Urbane will be launched running Android Wear as OS when both models appear at the Mobile World Congress starting on March 1st in Barcelona.

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