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LG Shows Off Prototype WebOS Smartwatch

The front of the as yet unnamed watch. Image from Android Central.

CES 2015 showed off some great new things for 2015 – including new plans for wearables from Intel and Qualcomm, two of the biggest chip makers in the computing world. The two sectors of the industry specializing in mobile devices and traditional computers are coming together as the wearable world evolves and blossoms. But what new devices have been finished pending a release?

LG are pretty close to bringing out their next smartwatch wearable, a prototype device created in partnership with Audi, which is at yet unnamed. The LG/Audi watch features a round face, and interestingly runs on WebOS, an operating platform originally created for Palm smartphones but later released as a standalone open source package when Palm was discontinued.

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The Palm brand might be gone (although TCL recently announced they were reviving it) the operatign system on the Audi/LG watch is based on WebOS. The app functionality of standalone programs has been re-engineered and increased for use on the watch, and additionally WebOS on the device can interact with Audi onboard technology in an Audi vehicle. Connecting via NFC, there is functionality between the device and vehicles to unlock door locks.

The rear of the Audi/LG watch. Image from Android Central

What’s interesting is that WebOS can function as a cellular device as well, which could mean that the watch may be able to connect to networks in order to access the internet. Phone connectivity is also obviously on the cards with the device. The device’s software can bring up cellular strength indicators which take advantage of this, and there’s also a sensor on the device’s rear which may interact with the onboard health app.

Other interesting features of the nameless watch are a water resistant finish, and additionally, the inclusion of the long awaited, much hyped Sapphire Glass in the watch’s construction. On top of this, an included ‘Sounds’ feature may also indicate that the watch has a speaker, unlike other devices currently available. The watch runs with a Snapdragon 400 processor from Qualcomm.

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The device features an external for checking out some statistics as well as a touchscreen. The exterior button can be used to check signal strength on a separate toggle wheel that shows the status of other figures such as battery life. Apps include LG Health W, Voice Memo, Q Voice, Remote Shutter and Find my Phone.

The Audi/LG watch doesn’t yet have a ‘fancy’ name, but the model number apparently reads LG-W120L. Hopefully a name and other marketing details for the device will arrive soon. No name, price, or release schedule have yet been revealed, but the device may carry a higher price tag than comparable LG watches due to the Sapphire Glass and Audi partnership.

Via: Android Central

Via:  Techspot