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Lizard Squad Kept Its Rent-a-hack Customers’ Info in Plain Text

The Lizard Squad for those of you who have missed it, have essentially become mercenary “hackers” offering DDoS for hire. Fantastic right only Lizard Squad are idiots, following ruining peoples Christmases by taking down Xbox Live and the PSN because they could (I didn’t have one but I did take back to back support calls about it), they decided this could be a business venture. So they made a site allowing you to pay them to for a DDoS.


Why are they idiots? Well somebody hacked the Lizard Squad’s DDoS-for-hire service last week, and this is amazing the “hackers”not only left their so-called LizardStresser service vulnerable, the money-hungry imbeciles left all their customers’ data in plain text and $11,000 in bit-coin.

The real hackers kindly relieved them of this money and as a thankyou released their client list into the world. Security expert Brian Krebs obtained a copy of the customer database and showed that the personal details of over 14,000 users is right there in plain sight.

Customers have paid between $6 and $500 in bitcoin for custom DDoS attacks, making Lizard Squad a grand total of $11,000. I would say all in all this is all good news for the world. Despite its successful attack on the Playstation and Xbox networks, what they did is not hacking and is not that difficult, it’s good that someone put them in their place. Let’s hope they disappear into obscurity like so many before them.