Love Your Windows Phone? New Gear Store Offers T-Shirts, Mugs & More for Microsoft Mobile Fans

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If you’re well into your Windows Phone after picking up the new Nokia Lumia 900 (maybe you’re even lucky enough to have grabbed one of the Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises models) then you might want to show off your appreciation for Microsoft’s mobile platform by hopping over to the brand new Windows Phone Gear Store.

The Gear Store is your official outlet for WP7 inspired clothing, magnets, bags, bumper stickers, thermos flasks and other assorted tat. All these items feature a familiar motif with four circles each enclosing a symbol – one the letter I second up a heart, the third a Windows logo, fourth being a phone. What does that spell out? “I Love Windows Phone” – Obviously!

Don’t expect to shop for mobile hardware on this site, this one all about repping Windows Phone close to your chest and the store was first announced on the Microsoft blog where the company is inviting shoppers and WP fans to suggest ideas for new ideas for merch based around their favourite mobile OS.

The Gear Store is pretty limited at the moment with only the one design on offer, but it is literally on everything – all featuring the mantra like slogan. Microsoft claims they are doing this at “base cost” suggesting they actually make no profit on items sold and the product range starts at £2.50 for a sticker up to £26.00 for a trendy hoodie. And for those who want to get the smaller members of the family into Windows Phones early on there’s even a baby grow!

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