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LucasArts Closure – Cancelled Star Wars 1313 Game Would Focus on Boba Fett

Last week there was a great disturbance in the Force and millions of voices took to the internet to cry out in terror as it was announced that games development division LucasArts would be closing after 30 years in the business.

This followed Disney’s $4.05-billion buyout of Lucasfilms properties and licenses back in late 2012 – which of course included the lucrative Star Wars franchise. One of the most disappointing factors of this news was that the closure will mean that a number of in-production Star Wars games would be cancelled, including the most impressive Star Wars 1313.

Star Wars 1313 appeared shortly before last June’s E3 Expo and a teaser trailer revealed a darker tone and showed that the game will be based around Coruscant; the central planet of the Galactic Republic and later the Empire itself. Focus would be on the planet’s seedy underbelly and its criminal syndicates and for the first time players would be put in the shoes of a skilled bounty hunter.

Just like the theme of the game, Star Wars 1313 was shrouded in mystery and we never did get to find out if it would involve a familiar character from the Saga’s legacy or a new one. That mystery may have been solved by the reveal of some concept art now published via game site Kotaku – and we’re gutted to discover that in 1313 we could have been playing as the kick-ass blaster-for-hire Boba Fett!