Marvel Launches JARVIS App – Iron Man’s A.I. Companion is now on iOS

Marvel Entertainment has launched its official JARVIS app and fans of the Iron Man films can now get Tony Stark’s helpful computer program as a ‘second screen experience’ on their very own iPhone or iPad.

As fans will know artificial intelligence software JARVIS is always close to hand to provide advice and assistance to his millionaire maker and you don’t need a Stark Industries wage to afford him as the app is completely free and offers users of iOS 6 and above to some really cool exclusive features.

These features include an Armour Gallery with all 42 of Iron Man’s suits and the ability to change scenes and access features on the new Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray released this week through a WiFi connected player using both touch-screen and voice command on Apple devices rather than the standard remote.

The JARVIS app will also provide general and useful info such as the time and local weather and provides Iron Man related updates via message, picture and video which can be shared on social networks including Facebook.

Not only does the JARVIS app look super slick but it also features the software’s voice actor Paul Bettany as heard in the Iron Man and Avengers movies and who is said to play a much larger role in the upcoming Avengers sequel Age of Ultron. British thesp Bettany recorded 20 hours of original voice over to make this exciting app an impressive and immersive experience.

Move over Siri. JARVIS has got this!

You can download the app for iOS 6 today from the iTunes App Store.

iOS 7 is on its way! Apple broke the news at a press event yesterday and you can get up to date with all things Apple in the Gadget Helpline’s event coverage now: