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Marvel Reveals Deadpool at SDCC ’12 – A Comic Book Game That’s Not For Kids!

Popular Marvel superheroes The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man have recently gotten the big screen treatment and with those blockbuster movies have come the inevitable tie-in video games. Another of Marvel’s characters who is long overdue his own movie, will soon be hitting consoles too as Marvel has revealed the first trailer for Deadpool at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con!

The Deadpool game to be published by Activision looks to adequately fill the void currently left between comic book and screen and the ‘Kickass Teaser Video’ will surely satisfy the Merc with a Mouth’s cult following, perfectly capturing the anti-hero characteristics of the Marvel’s masked assassin. The clip sets a mature tone with some of the verbal vigilante’s choice language and a few of his favourite things on display (mainly girls and guns!).

Just like in print, Deadpool – who is the egotistical alter ego of Wade Wilson – will narrate the story to gamers and even add his own sound effects to gunfire and hand-to-hand combat as he cockily dispatches his foes. The character will be voiced by Nolan North – a Marvel Animation voice work veteran and no stranger to video games, having provided numerous tones to titles such as the Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed series.

Considering Marvel has been a Disney owned company for a few years now this comes as a refreshing change from the clean-cut superheroes currently becoming massively marketable. There’s no date or news on which platforms this one will land on but we’re guessing all the major consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U) and look forward to seeing more of Deadpool as the game prepares to release!

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Video Source: IGN