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Micron RealSSD P320h – Storage of the Future

When confronted with the problem of data storage, tech companies and manufacturers tend to lean towards discs, and have done since quite a long time ago.

However, tech manufacturers Micron have made some geek’s dreams come true, with their new solid state drive range.

Today’s hard drives used a spinning disc covered in tiny dots of magnetic polarity, either positive or negative. The dots represent a one or a zero in binary code, and this is how files are written, read and interpreted from the main disc.

Solid state data drives use a similar system of representing one or zero, but instead use circuit board hardware to create ‘switches’ that either are on or off. This allows files to be read.

Since Micron’s device is newer and doesn’t rely on a spinning motor to access data, the SSDD is able to process information far faster, explaining its astonishingly fast data read rate of 3GBps and data writing rate of 2GBps.

What’s more is that in terms of input / output operations per second, the P320h clocks in at 750,000 IOPS when running Linux or 650,000 with Windows Server as the OS. Speedy.

So yeah, kind of insane, and a sure fire way to decrease pesky load times and other such slowness malarkey.  Samples of the P320h are becoming available to major tech giants and computer manufacturers, hopefully we’ll be able to grab one soon. Hooray for futuristic stuff.