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Microsoft & Activision Stop Supplying GAME Stores During Fire Sale

If GAME wasn’t in enough trouble as it is – a “leaked memo” has been leaked to a website revealing that both Activision and Microsoft have joined the growing list of games publishers to deny stock being shipped to the struggling high street retailer currently facing administration.

With 10,000 jobs threatened the news couldn’t come at a harder time with just two weeks to dig itself out of the pit, GAME and sibling business GameStation are currently holding a “fire sale” to get the revenue needed to save both stores, as well as issuing £5 vouchers as a lowly compromise to failing to deliver pre-ordered titles. A critical blow came last week when the companies were unable to supply pre-sold stocks of Mass Effect 3 from publisher Electronic Arts. Nintendo has also pulled its supplies but a saving grace has come from Sony, which is still shipping units of PS Vita and a number of games for its Playstation 3 console.

A massive list of games will be absent from GAME and Gamestation shelves, as bargain hunters run out to benefit from the massive price cuts made in desperation in stores across the United Kingdom. Anticipated titles for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC include Resident Evil Operation Racoon City, Metal Gear Solid 3DS, Mario Party 9, Street Fighter X Tekken, Kid Icarus and Yakuza: Dead  Souls.

Despite being in peril, shares in GAME have actually risen in recent days with Amazon, Gamestop and Walmart all said to be eyeing the prospects of buying out the troubled retailer. We have to wonder if all the fuss is worth it – with it said that the next Xbox will throw out the disc drive and “physical” gaming formats being replaced by digital downloads, soon where will the market be?

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