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Microsoft Kinect walks on the wild side with Nat Geo and Sesame Street interactive features!

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Microsoft has released a video detailing how through a partnership with the creators behind the fascinating National Geographic program it plans to take the immersive documentary style and make it accessible to children through interactive television with the Xbox Kinect motion controller system.

The “vision” video is an idealistic representation of what Microsoft intends to create in co-operation with Nat Geo, which would offer games such as “spot the moose” and additional interactive content to the nature shows, aimed at keeping kids involved and active whilst watching television.

The programming isn’t as mind-numbing as a cartoon, for example, but Nat Geo programming does traditionally seem to appeal more to an older market and is regarded by some as a stuffy channel for boring birdwatchers. Look beneath the surface and there’s a fantastic resource for educating youngsters on the natural world, and Microsoft are looking to tap into that by providing a fun platform for learning that encourages kids to use both body and brain.

In the same light, childhood favourite Sesame Street is set to get a visit from Kinect. The classic sing-a-long, play-a-long show has time-tested kid-appeal and is still distributed to world-wide audiences by the Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Workshop) in over 140 countries.

Microsoft seeks to utilise the popularity of the platform and make all those timeless characters interactive with features such as a ‘Clap-o-Meter’ and playing catch games with Grover. Features that literally put kids in the picture.

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