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Microsoft Offering UK Business Trial on Windows Phones

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Microsoft is allowing UK business owners a chance to get to grips with Windows Phone by trialling a selection of Lumia handsets.

Windows is the most widely used computing platform and is found in a majority of offices across the globe. With Windows 10 just announced Microsoft looks to continue its 30 years of success with the desktop OS by raising awareness of its business potential on mobiles by offering a trial bundle of three handsets from the current Windows Phone range including Lumia 630, Lumia 735 and Lumia 830.

This trio of handsets gives businesses a variety pack of Microsoft’s finest phones from the past 12 months and all will come complete with up to date Windows Phone 8.1 and useful tools which are found in the workplace such as Office, Outlook and Skype for text and voice communication. There’s also a pocket PA in the form of voice assistant software Cortana and there will be access to OneNote and 30GB of OneDrive storage available to use for holding valuable data and documents. These apps come preinstalled on the Lumia handsets and are free to use throughout the trial.

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To be eligible for Microsoft’s Lumia Business Trial (or #LumiaBizTrial) you must be a UK based SMB (small or medium sized business) with up to 250 seats and requirement for a minimum 25 handsets. You must be responsible for your company’s mobility solutions to be the person to register through the Microsoft website and current mobiles must be within six months before renewal date.

There is no commitment when the trial with Microsoft has run its course. If you decide not to kit out your office with Windows Phone you need simply send the handsets back. If you do choose to keep them then you’re in business!

For more details you can read up and register on the Microsoft website today. Spaces on this promotion are limited.