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Microsoft Office Sway Released To All

Microsoft’s new office app Sway is now live, where once before the tool was only available to users on a waiting list, now anyone can get their hands on it. The online tool lets users put together their own presentation documents in a fully integrated browser setting.

Sway lets users create embeddable in browser presentations, kind of like an image, YouTube video or animated gif that loads on a webpage. one loaded, the presentation can be scrolled or dragged through. Sway is a sort of ‘window’ in the sense that it adapts to the device its used on.

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Not only are ‘Sways’ available as presentations in the traditional Powerpoint sense, but also Microsoft plans to allow multiple formats of Sways, such as stacks of photos you can click through, as well as galleries and other methods of showing content.

Sways can be created fully in the browser, allowing social network content and other images to be dragged and dropped directly into the window. Once done, a Sway can be put into any webpage by embedding HTML code. We’ve embedded a preview Sway below.

It’s a really cutting edge and useful way to get content into social media and other websites, particularly since the entire operation is powered by HTML. Another great feature is of course Windows 10 device cross compatibility, which means that Sway will obviously be very easy to use and run on the unified OS.

Microsoft has now released Sway to the general public, and figures have shown that over one million people have visited, and 175,000 already signed up for the program’s initial testing.

The review of the program is just the beginning – new layouts and cool features are set to be added. Sway is yet another test of the upcoming Microsoft revolution, which will no doubt be massively orientated around productivity.

To Apple’s chagrin, Microsoft is the master of the business tech world – Office is behind everything, and Office 365 in particular has been spearheading a cloud wave. Whilst competitors have their own alternatives out, Microsoft is the undisputed master of documents.

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Sway ticks all the boxes – it takes over functionality from programs such as Powerpoint an photo viewer and puts them into the cloud and into the spotlight on HTML pages. It’s compatible with social media content and can even have other stuff embedded into it.

Look out for Sways coming your way soon, and in the meantime you can get your very own taste of this revolutionary piece of software at the source links below.

Original Announcement: Office Blog

Public Release Announcement: Office Blog