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Microsoft planning an Xbox event for May 21st – Xbox 720 to debut?

Xbox gamers, make note in your calendars. May 21st looks likely to be the date Microsoft gamers have been eagerly awaiting for years – the next Xbox is likely to be revealed for the first time on that very date.

Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott recently shared his belief that Microsoft would host an Xbox-themed media event on that date, and now tech site The Verge has learned from its own sources that this is indeed true. The Redmond tech giant looks set to play host to something big next month, and the new Xbox seems the obvious reason.

The big M had previously planned to reveal the new console this month on the 24th but that date got pushed back for unknown reasons. We’re now told that a date has finally been set for next month, ahead of the annual E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles.

Sources claim that the event will be held at a relatively small venue, and as such Microsoft will only be revealing the first details about its new console, which currently goes by the codename ‘Durango’. It looks as though Microsoft will ‘do a Sony’ and not show the console but reveal the hardware specifications and detail some of the launch games to build hype.

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Of course, a full unveiling will follow on just a few weeks later at E3 in June. Microsoft will use the May event to whet the whistles of Xbox lovers around the world before wowing with a console reveal, live demo and more at the Los Angeles event.

Sony has already beaten Microsoft to the punch by revealing plenty of PS4 details in February, so it’ll be interesting the angle at which the company approaches its new console launch. We’re excited to find out though, are you?