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Microsoft Registers – Web Domains Held For Xbox 360 “Lite” Ahead of E3 Launch?

Just days after it was noted that Sony has registered a web domain name which could potentially be a clue to the name of its follow-up to the Playstation 4 being called “Orbis”  – Microsoft has got itself a pair of new addresses which has started up new speculation about its own next console.

Amidst rumours of
disc-less gaming drives and HD screen controllers for an as-of-yet unconfirmed “Xbox 720”, and following Microsoft’s insistence that no such thing exists, the two new domain names surfaced two days ago for and But let’s not forget that we could possibly see a slimmed down Xbox 360 “Lite” hitting the £100 mark at some point before another full console launch, so these domains could quite possibly be tied to that.

If Microsoft is prepping an “Xbox Lite”, relating to the name Xbox FL and to be released in early 2013, this could explain how some wires maybe got a bit crossed when it was previously suggested that a “new” Xbox would be launched at the upcoming E3 conference in June. It might just be the Xbox we already know and love – just with a new look.

Unexplainable is the presence of another pair of web domains – and The purpose of these are left purely up the our over-eager imaginations..

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