Microsoft resolution on Xbox One Disc Drive Error 0x80820002

Many fans and Xbox owners have been reaching out to Microsoft on the official Xbox Forums and via Twitter, but it seems the problem is still not being highlighted by Microsoft as lost of conflicting information is coming from the company.

Yesterday afternoon on the Xbox forum, Microsoft (in the form of Mister Quimby, and Official Support) wrote:

“Hey everyone!”

“We have bubbled up this issue to the proper teams.  In order for us to collect additional information regarding this issue, I have sent you all a Private Message.”

“To check your Private Messages Click here and scroll down to your Conversation List.”

“We will update this thread when we have more information to provide.  Thank you for your patience!”

Since then, the forum has grown form 5 pages to 32 and finally Microsoft has issued a statement and a fix (once again Mister Quimby, and Official Support), stating:

“Hey everyone!”

“Sorry to hear about the error code issue and any inconveniences this may have caused.  We believe that the issue has been resolved.  If you are continuing to experience error code 0x80820002 then please give a few troubleshooting steps a try:”

  • Make sure your Xbox One console is placed horizontally on a flat, stable surface.
  • Press and hold the power button on your Xbox One console for 10 seconds.
  • Once your console is powered off, unplug the power cord.
  • Wait 3 minutes and then plug in your console.
  • Power on your console and try playing a disc.

“If you have tried the suggested steps and if the issue continues, we recommend having your console repaired or exchanged. If you would like to speak with someone about having your console exchanged, contact the retailer where you purchased your Xbox One console. If you would like have your console repaired, you can set up a console repair from our Online Service center or from our Contact Us page.”

“We can definitely understand how frustrating this could be.  Once again, we are sincerely sorry to hear about any inconveniences this may have caused.”

Now the major issue with this solution is that we have heard from many Xbox One owners who have returned the console to retailers have reported that the issue is apparent on new consoles when swapped over. Microsoft mandatory update policy will automatically install the new software version 6.2.11393.0 XB_REL_1408.140729-2200.

We have reached out to GAME in the UK for an official statement on returns, but for the moment we would suggest using the Microsoft Online Service Center to perform a console repair.

***UPDATE 2***

Microsoft have made another official statement:

“We are aware of reports that a small number of consoles connecting for the first time are experiencing issues taking the most recent system update, resulting in a game disc error.  We believe that we have resolved the issue moving forward, but continue to monitor the situation closely.  If you have experienced a problem with all discs on a brand new console we would ask that you either exchange the console at the retailer or set up a console repair via the Xbox Online Service Centre ( For any further assistance please contact our customer support team (’’

What this basically means is that anyone with consoles being activated and signed-into LIVE  over the last 48 hours could have had the Error 0x80820002 issue. If this has happened, the console will need to be repaired or replaced all under warranty with your store or Microsoft.

Any consoles bought, or not activated after 5pm (GMT) on the 19th August will not be affected by the issue as the software that was causing the bug has been fixed.


Microsoft has acknowledged a problem following its most recent Xbox One update which was automatically rolled out to the masses yesterday.

The Gadget Helpline has learnt of the issue though many reports from Xbox One gamers and the problem with the update version 6.2.11393.0 XB_REL_1408.140729-2200 affects the console’s optical drive, preventing any game discs from being recognised as Xbox One compatible.

Blu Ray and DVD discs appear unaffected and the error code customers receive during this issue is 0x80820002. If you have received this error code or experienced a game disc issue in the past two days it is likely that this is related to the firmware we covered in an article yesterday, which promised new improvements and additions such as 3D Blu Ray playback and mobile purchasing.

Microsoft is allegedly working on a patch to fix the troubles caused and we recommend patience as they are usually quick at addressing these issues.

In the meantime we can advise Xbox Live Gold members can take advantage of some of the free games released on the Xbox marketplace while the disc issue is being handled. We will try to keep Xbox One gamers informed on the situation as more news becomes available.

If the issue is indeed resulting form the Software update, customers will be advised that returning the Xbox One to its retailer is probably not the best solution, as any console that is connected online will receive the update over the coming weeks.

Microsoft will have to release a software patch ASAP to resolve the issue so we recommend that users stick it out with their Xbox One until MS release some information.





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    How do I remove the disc error?

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