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Mind control for PC with Emotiv EPOC – Sci-fi comes alive!

Sci-fi has come alive as a company in the United States have began selling what is essentially a mind control gadget for your PC!

Emotiv are allowing wannabe digital Jedi to live their dream by controlling web browsing and game play hands –free via the power of the brain alone. Using 14 saline sensors which monitor electrical signals from the brain, the Neuro-headset known as EPOC essentially reads users thoughts and feelings and makes the signals received into commands to the PC.

As crazy as it sounds, this thing is real and replaces your mouse and keyboard entirely basing the PC around what the users is thinking – potentially a dangerous thing when web browsing, don’t get any stray thoughts while plug into this bad boy!

As crazy as it sounds this thing is real! If you want an EPOC yourself it’ll cost you $300 from the Emotiv website. It seems very cheap for what’s being offered, which begs the question of what the potential and limitations are for this mind control.

This can also be a very dangerous thing. .

Total web-browsing control via the mind? Hold onto any stray thoughts while plugged into this bad boy!

What do you “think” of the EPOC idea, would you buy one? Let us know (you’ll have to type, unless you own one!) – Gadget Helpline Facebook Page