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MiniDayZ is a free, top-down DayZ

Bohemia Interactive has released a free version of DayZ. Sort of. It’s MiniDayZ: a top-down, single player take on DayZ’s zombie survival. MiniDayZ is a 2D single player game put together by a Russian fan who goes by the name CannedBits. It comes complete with hunger and thirst, lootable houses, fog and diseases and of course the undead, it’s a pretty good representation of the real game.

CannedBits has been posting development updates on Tumblr for the last seven months, Bohemia Interactive liked what they saw and have now rewarded his efforts with official recognition, and a listing on their store page. You can start playing by registering a Bohemia account, you’ll be then be redirected to the studio’s store to claim your free access to the HTML5 game.

The description reads: “Search for the food and supplies needed to stay alive, keep clear of the ever-lurking zombies, and always be vigilant of the other desperate survivors,  This is your story, this is MINIDAYZ.” In line with the Dayz description.

As we’ve come to expect it begins on the beach. It’s a simpler approach but in no way lacking, as usual you make a beeline towards any settlements that happen to pop up on screen, and try to run away from any zombies you spot, one thing it does have over the standalone, zombies can’t run through walls. Obviously MiniDayZ can’t offer the same, all-encompassing deep and terrifying experience that DayZ proper can as an MMO.

The release could have been handled better, redditors were confused and thought the announcement today was about Dayz, as is par for the internet this resulted in outrage and abuse.

CannedBits had this to say in response: “I see mostly overhyped rage here, it’s really sad, that people get mad from free stuff. Yes, we have a looping problem in store now, but it’s on the way to fix. I hope after fix some of you really enjoy the game. And haters… gonna hate.”

Dean “Rocket” Hall who some of you will know as the creator of Dayz put his support behind the product: “I have to say, I absolutely love miniDayZ,” he gushed. “I think it’s awesome, amazing, addictive, and brings something really new to the experience. I’m so glad you’ve been able to make it even better! Ignore the haters, the vast majority of people think it’s fantastic and I am one of those people.”

On an unrelated note you can now commit acts of cannibalism in the DayZ Standalone…