More Tizen on the Horizon from Samsung – New Smart Devices in the Works

New smartphones and devices running the open-source Linux-based Tizen operating system are expected to be launched in the near future, proving Samsung hasn’t given up on the platform just yet.

Samsung has been a pioneer of the Tizen mobile platform since the Tizen Association was first formed in 2011 with other founding members including renowned tech names such as Intel, Huawei, Fujitsu, NEC and Panasonic. Samsung spearheaded the launch of products featuring the OS but they have been few and far between and market appeal has been but a fizzle – not quite the hype and widespread distribution that we think its benefactors would have hoped.

Despite its lack of ‘oomph’ in a mobile market dominated by market leaders Android and iOS, Samsung has put out a handful of noteworthy Tizen devices in recent times including the low-end and budget-friendly Samsung Z1 which was an India exclusive and became a best-selling gadget in the country since it was released in January 2015.

It’s also worth mentioning that it was actually the Tizen OS that featured on the Galaxy Gear S – the first wearable smartwatch to be able to make calls and send texts independently and without the need of being synced to a smartphone.

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According to the report by Reuters, based on information sourced from a Samsung insider, the Korean company will be building on the Tizen range with several new products and is confident it can expand its reach and establish a place in the market. Whether this will mean more smartphones or more smartwatches it’s unclear and details are vague at best but it certainly seems there is plenty more Tizen on the horizon, if only thanks to Samsung’s belief in it.

Source: Reuters