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Morrisons Offering Nintendo 3DS for £120 Starting Tomorrow!

Price Crash! UK supermarket Morrisons are going to be offering the Nintendo 3DS at a ridiculously cheap price of £120 starting tomorrow, giving you a saving of £65.

Nintendo had already announced that the 3DS would be getting a fairly hefty price cut to encourage more to get into 3D gaming, but this appears to be a temporary offer exclusive to Morrisons.

The snippet above is a snapshot taken from UK free newspaper The Metro, and shows the price cut for the console alongside cut-price 3DS games. All games will be reduced from £29.99 to £25 to compliment the console’s price cut, awesome!

This offer is by far the cheapest we’ve seen the 3DS so far in the UK – some e-retailers will let you use a voucher code and get the console for around £130, but that’s the best it’s been until Morrisons stormed in with their new offer.

Nintendo announced at the end of June that the 3DS would be receiving a price cut in the UK and in other countries worldwide.

Free Cloud Wi-Fi will be available across the UK for Nintendo 3DS owners, which, when coupled with the large price drop makes for a pretty sweet deal!

Will you be heading to your local Morrisons supermarket tomorrow to pick up a cheap 3DS? Let us know via the comments system below or via Twitter.