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Mortal Kombat X Companion Game Launching for Android & iOS

A mobile companion game for Mortal Kombat X will be launching for Android and iOS devices on April 14th – the very same day as the kickass franchise returns to consoles.

The Mortal Kombat X app published by Warner Brothers Interactive will feature favourite kombatants including Scorpion and Sub Zero and will be free to download and play. Players will be able to beat their way through a full fighting tournament experience via their touchscreen with swipes and gestures used to perform crippling combos and fatalities in a fighting/card battler format.

The mobile app can be played as a stand-alone game, however the idea is that Mortal Kombat X on Android and iOS will offer a portable companion to the console based play. When you achieve certain goals in MKX on your smartphone or tablet this will unlock new features on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 or PS4 versions and likewise achievements on console platforms will enhance the gameplay on mobile devices.

Ed Boon, creative director of NetherRealm Studios was co-creator of the original Mortal Kombat which was released in 1992 and in a press release through Business Wire he states NetherRealm Studios has created a Mortal Kombat X mobile experience that allows more players than ever before to play this over-the-top fighting game through their ever-present smartphones, tablets or other devices.”

“What’s more, we’ve expanded the unique cross-connectivity feature that links the mobile and console versions of Mortal Kombat X, delivering unique rewards to all players for simply playing the mobile game.”

Mortal Kombat games never fail to deliver a knock-out and the franchise is still standing strong after 23 years – a legacy which is paid tribute to in a promo clip for the new mobile game. The latest addition is shaping up to be one of the most-anticipated releases of the gaming year and the ability to take the fight anywhere while earning bonuses is a sure to be a flawless addition.

Let’s not forget there are also those speculations about possible new kombatants who could cross over from other pop culture franchises to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament for the very first time. Names already in the rumour pit include comic anti-hero Spawn, Friday the 13th slasher Jason Voorhees and the Predator.

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