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Moto X+1 Spotted With Wood Panel Finish

With all the hubbub about metal-backed smartphones such as the LG G3  in the past few months, one can’t help but think that not everyone likes metal finished phones. Some people must enjoy the subtle elegance of a more natural material… like wood. Surely some phones must be able to cater to these nature-loving tech fans?

Well, count your blessings, because at least one major phone manufacturer has got wood. Feeling stumped? It’s Motorola, as the Moto X which became available in the UK
in January, featured a classy rear panel styled after your favourite tree. The phone’s sequel, the Moto X+1 (or possibly the X2) has also been spotted packing wood in the trunk in a recent leak.

Let’s avoid branching off at a down another root and cut straight into the heart of the issue. The new leak appeared on Android, and it clearly shows that the new X+1 (or X2) sporting a similar finish to the X+1, but that’s not all this splinter project has to offer. Apparently the X+1’s bark won’t outshine it’s bytes, as the updated model is expected to include 2GB of memory and storage of up to 32GB.

That’s all the tree puns we could think of by the way. Here’s the leak.

The leaked Moto X+1. More shots available at source link below.

The leaked model looks physically similar to the original Moto X, but does seem to be larger and more robust, suggesting rumors of a bigger screen might be true. The sources said that this leaked device was a ‘near-final prototype’. If that’s true the device could very well look quite like this one.

Other chatter on the blogosphere and amongst tech tipsters says the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor will manage proceedings on the X+1, plus the phone will also include a 12MP front and 5MP rear camera and a 1080p screen, which seems to be standard fare for upcoming smartphones these days.

As for non-standard inclusions, we’ve seen rumors that the X+1 might also include a loudspeaker hidden below the screens, a dual LED camera flash, and also optional colored backings for the rear panel if for some bizarre reason you don’t like trees, which frankly is rather strange, because we all know trees are awesome, right reader?

For further information on the Motorola Moto X+1 (or X2) stay tuned, we’ll bring you as many updates as we can. We do suggest taking this leak, as well as other speculation on upcoming products, with a pinch of salt, as leaks may not be accurate to the finished product. Or just be completely fake.

Source: Android Police