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Netflix to debut 15 episode series of Arrested Development on May 26th

Netflix has confirmed today that it will be bringing the highly anticipated brand new series of Arrested Development to streaming screens on May 26th, after months of hype and speculation as to when viewers will be able to watch the series.

Last year the streaming service announced that it would be funding and streaming a long awaited new series of the phenomenally popular US comedy series and now the wait is almost over as Netflix will offer the full series available to stream from March 26th.

The series will consist of 15 new episodes (which is 1 more than we were previously expecting) and will see the madcap Bluth family reunited for a new series.

The show is one of many new series that are taking the streaming route as providers such as Netflix and LoveFilm are competing to offer more original exclusive content through their services. Many other streaming platforms are also changing how they present their entertainment, with the BBC reportedly looking to offer full runs of series before they have aired online and brand new shows being commission specially for streaming.

Just last week Netflix announced a new show to be shown and created exclusively for them called Sense8, which brings together the Wachowski’s (Nee brothers), creators of the Matrix trilogy, and writer J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame.

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Netflix has also vowed to show at least five original shows a year as it bids to “become HBO faster than HBO can become”.

The March 26th date also corresponds with the UK and Ireland release of the show, so Arrested Development fans will be able to enjoy it on both sides of the pond on the same day.