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Netflix Price Increases to £6.99 Per Month for New Subscribers

Video streaming company Netflix has recently been mulling over ways to change its price structure and painlessly up the fee for its subscription service in the UK. They’ve finally come to a decision, which as promised will affect newly joining members only.

For those looking to join up and enjoy on-demand movies and television through Netflix a subscription will soon start at £6.99 following the usual one-month free trial – that’s a full quid higher than the current monthly charge, which will remain the same for existing customers. This was confirmed in an email reassuring current users that their bill will not be changed for at least two years.

The price hike follows Netflix’s attempt to become a legit multi-platform entertainment entity, striking exclusive deals with the likes of Lucasfilm and producing original content like Hemlock Grove, House of Cards, From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.

With Netflix available on PC, tablets, console and smart TVs there’s plenty of bang for your buck if you’re kitted up with the right technology and Netflix has also just announced that popular TV show Breaking Bad will join a line-up of 4K programming, offering stunning high definition and superior audio designed for enhancing the Netflix living room experience.

At present the Netflix website is still offering the service at £5.99 per month to joining members, so we’d suggest jumping on board now to save that extra pound a month which could prove costly in the long run.