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New Apple TV Coming Soon

Apple’s Apple TV set top box has had few updates and many many rumors of updates since the last physical product release in 2012. The media giant has always kept their Apple TV cards close to their chest, but this time around Apple is promising a much more modern ‘experience’ as the company puts it on the new Apple TV website.

Part of the experience is the integration of Siri, who seems to be in everything Apple these days, into the remote controller for Apple TV. The new remote also includes a touch sensitive gloss surface, which is definitely the most talked about feature of the new box. This touch controller is small, compact, as button free as any Apple device, and supports swipes and gesture movements of the finger.

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Whilst the small size of the remote could be considered a problem for those with cavernous gaps between their sofa cushions leading to chasms where only the brave would shove their hand in search of a wayward remote, Apple’s controller design is hugely impressive. Six buttons including menu, pause/ play and the Siri control button feature as well as the touch surface. The voice control from the remote also accounts for the sheer size of TV’s and often the large distance between them and the viewer – no more shouting at the wall.

The pig push for getting Siri onto the Apple TV box is the use of her as more of a ‘TV companion’ – you can ask her to do a lot more than just search, such as querying the best shows from one particular genre (“Find me the best drama.”), or a more in depth query such as asking the digital assistant to find that one episode you can’t remember the name of that had a celebrity cameo in it.

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Apple Music is also integrated into Apple TV, which of course means the box’s Siri support can help you flick through your music. Because it’s an Apple device the fun doesn’t stop there, the box has support for more mundane weather and sports results features through Apple’s new  TV OS packed into the device. There’s also a new Apple TV  App Store, which has a lot of games on it to take advantage of the easy to use controller.

Unfortunately for Apple TV fans foaming at the mouth for the new device it’s not going to be seen in stores just yet – the device is pegged for an official release next month in the latter part of October. The new model has a lot going for it over the prrevious one in terms of specs – featuring the new 64-bit A8 processor, support for  802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, and comes with either 32GB or 64GB of storage space.

Source: Apple

Via: Techspot