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Nintendo 1DS – One Incredibly Well-Done Hoax!

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Following last week’s announcement of Nintendo’s new portable 2DS console, which left many of us scratching our heads, it appeared as though the gaming company had made another shock move announcing an Android and Apple iOS compatible “1DS” just a few hours ago.

The legit looking website which appeared with a series of realistic renders has now been shot down as fake, but the eloborate steps taken to convince us that Ninty has really lost the plot were truly remarkable! went live earlier tonight, sharing all the same trademarked logos and likenesses as the genuine Nintendo site with embedded links taking the viewer to other sections of the actual manufacturer’s page. The 1DS device was pictured showing off a single screen portable games console which was said to be compatible with current 3DS games and boasted “3 Ways to Play” with the ability to play as a stand alone unit, to transfer the display to a television via HDMI or to beam the visuals via bluetooth to a smartphone which would be docked to the Nintendo 1DS and would act as a second screen.

As some eagle eyed Nintendo scrutineers have now spotted there is a small asterisk next to the touted $99.99 price tag and November 12th release date and if you follow down the page you will note the cheeky jibe “*Not actually a real device or price. See dreams for details” – and just when you thought Nintendo was finally acknowledging the mobile market!

This is one of the most fanciful hoaxes we’ve seen and we tip the red cap to whoever came up with this one. Nintendo are yet to remove the site but we can imagine once the creators are collared there could be some super-sized repercussions from Mister Iwata and co. But for tonight the joke is on Nintendo and while the site is still standing we recommend you check it out while you can!