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Nintendo 3DS TV arrives in Japan tomorrow – What about the West?

As of tomorrow TV comes to 3DS – when Japan becomes the first country to receive the Nintendo telly service to their handheld gaming gadgets.

The 3DS TV app will become available through the Nintendo eShop which recently became available through a download update. Fuji and Nippon Television will be broadcasting exclusive content on the day and regular daily updates are expected with new content to come especially for the Nintendo 3DS platform.

Good news for Japan – but what about us!

Still no news on when exactly the West will be tuned in to the 3DS TV experience, but we’re pretty sure it’s happening soon. Nintendo have confirmed it will happen and Sky have reportedly approached Nintendo recently in regards to creating content for the portable.

Maybe with Japan’s launch of the service we’ll be privvy to more info for our own version?

We’re also awaiting more details on the streaming movies service which will bring Netflix to Nintendo 3DS – the last we heard was back in March!

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