Nintendo 3DS XL Now on Sale Across Europe

Love the Nintendo 3DS but feel it’s dwarfed in your hands? Thankfully Nintendo has super-sized the portable console with the new 3DS XL, which is on sale across Europe today.

Announced back in June, the Nintendo 3DS XL is not only bigger in itself, but it packs in a screen that is 90% larger than the original, and double the battery life. As with the 3DS, you get two screens, one of which offers glasses-free 3D gaming. Thanks to a bigger battery cell, gamers will now get 6.5 hours usage out of the device, an improvement on the 5 hours life of the 3DS.

For those out there who are good with numbers, the top screen has been increased to 4.88-inches wide, whereas the bottom screen is now 4.18-inches. Thankfully the device isn’t that much bigger than its predecessor overall when you look at the two in the flesh, despite the XL having a 48% larger surface area.

With the launch of full game downloads through the 3DS eStore, Nintendo has doubled the provided memory from 2GB to 4GB, giving users plenty of space to store downloaded games, saves and more.

Several colourways will be available across Europe as of today, including silver and black, red and black, and blue and black. Each console is priced at £180     , and is available to buy now.

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