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Nintendo Direct Web Shows Will Continue

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Days after announcing a new Worldwide President Nintendo has revealed that its popular web-presentation Nintendo Direct will continue.

Former Nintendo of America President and General Affairs Manager Tatsumi Kimishima begins his promotion today, taking on Nintendo’s highest ranking position after a recent corporate restructure. He succeeds the inimitable Satoru Iwata who was President from 2002 until his death in July of 2015 and who was also one of the faces of Nintendo’s informative web-series.

Nintendo spoke to and confirmed “Nintendo Directs will continue” but added “we have no details to provide now on who will be featured or the topics that will be covered.”

It had been questioned, what with Nintendo’s new directions and new leadership, whether Nintendo Direct would be carried forward. It’s certainly been suggested that at 65 years old Kimishima is a bit older than Nintendo would have liked their next President to have been and whether he will have as much of a publicly facing role as his predecessor has also been questioned.

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The first Nintendo Direct was hosted 4 years ago on 13th of September 2011 and the web-show has not been seen since 5th of July this year, just days before Iwata’s passing. The shows, despite having no fixed schedule and broadcasting only when necessary, have been instrumental in bringing new Wii U and 3DS products to Nintendo’s faithful fans during and between major gaming events such as E3 and the playful hosts including Mr. Iwata and NOA President Reggie Fils- Aimé have always been a joy to watch.

Both Iwata and the Nintendo Direct shows are missed and with a number of interesting projects in the warp-pipeline for Nintendo including the recently announced Pokémon Go app game / wearable, mobile partnership with DeNA and a new hardware platform called NX on the way, we think Nintendo Direct will be a vital tool for maintaining the corporate/consumer relationship.

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