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Nintendo Faked Wii U footage!

Nintendo yesterday let the world have a ‘little’ glimpse of the upcoming Wii U when I say little we got a couple of concept promotional videos and the main focus was on the new controller for the Wii U with its 6” HD touch screen.

However there was no info on the console itself, but what Nintendo did show was promotional videos for the seemingly large compilation of third party titles coming to the Wii U such as Batman Arkham City, Battlefield, and many of the vast sporting titles from EA Sports, what Nintendo of America’s chief Reggie failed to tell us was the trailers from these games came straight from their PS3 and Xbox 360 counter parts.

In an interview with GameTrailers. Reggie went on to say the games will look at least as good on the Wii U thanks to its 1080p HD output, so that’s why it was ok to use footage from other consoles.

So as long and the Wii U lives up to Reggies promises this might be ok, but surely a little bit of courtesy would have been better as the conference seemed to be demonstrating Wii U capabilities, not what we hope Wii U can do.