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Nintendo Miitomo Pre-Registering Begins

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Nintendo has launched a website inviting gamers to pre-register for its new Miitomo mobile app. is now live and offers free registration and some more information and images of the new ‘social go-between’ app which uses a player’s Mii avatar and an automated questions and answers system as a means of learning more about your gaming mates on the Nintendo Network.

Existing Miis can be imported from Nintendo Wii U or 3DS consoles or new ones can be created manually or generated automatically from a selfie. It can then be given a nickname and personality traits which will help generate relevant interactions with other Miis in the Miiverse.

As well as the speech bubble/text based conversations, users of Miimoto will also be able to customise their Miis with new outfits and take actual photos with their mobile camera to set their character in real life scenarios and apply stickers to them to jazz them up. These photos can then be shared through a feature called Miifoto.

The Miimoto app launches in March but the exact date isn’t specified on the new website. However, if you do register now you’ll get the specific release details as and when it’s announced and will be first in the know. We also await platform specific information for Android and iOS as to what devices this will work on.

As well as this, pre-registerers will get exclusive ‘platinum points’ on your Nintendo Account to be used on the new reward scheme called My Nintendo which will launch on the same day as Miimoto and will reward purchasers of Nintendo products with digital content similar to the way Club Nintendo used to work.

Nintendo is finally ready to embrace smart devices as a new distribution method for its content. It’s been a long time coming and we’re really hoping it’ll change Nintendo’s recent fortunes.  Also in the pipeline is a new console codenamed NX.