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Nintendo Offering Free Wi-Fi Access Nationwide for 3DS Users

Still not sure if you want a Nintendo 3DS? How would the promise of free nationwide Wi-Fi for your portable console sway your opinion?

Nintendo has teamed up with The Cloud to offer free Wi-Fi internet access for 3DS users in hotspots all over the country. If you’ve heard of The Cloud before, it’s most likely because you’ve seen one of their networks pop up in or around a McDonald’s restaurant – almost all of them in the UK have a free network.

BSkyB own The Cloud, which is the largest public Wi-Fi network in Europe. Hooking up a 3DS console to free Wi-Fi will get you online with Nintendo SpotPass, Nintendo’s software and content web store. Connect up and you’ll be able to download extras for your games and more, as well as web browsing and access to the eShop.

Steve Nicholson, MD of The Cloud, said: “Nintendo is a fantastic addition to our list of strategic partners and site owners who are making the most of Wi-Fi’s potential to give their customers a better entertainment experience.

“If gamers are going to play outside of their home, it’s essential they have a fast and reliable internet connection. This is what Wi-Fi offers compared to a technology such as 3G, which struggles to handle really rich, data-hungry video content.”

Nintendo has recently announced that the 3DS will receive hefty price cuts to combat the unexpected poor sales , with early adopters getting a bundle of 10 free games to make up for missing out on the price cut.

Is free Wi-Fi enough to boost the 3DS to where it should be, or do Nintendo need to do more? Share your thoughts with us by adding a comment below, or send a tweet to @Gadget_Helpline.