Nintendo celebrates 3DS racer by giving away real-life Mario Kart!

Nintendo took the unlikely pole position at the LA Auto Show this week to celebrate fantasy racer Mario Kart 7 on the portable 3DS console. And also unveil something that fans of the franchise have been dreaming of since they first revved up their engines on the Mario Circuit – REAL LIFE MARIO KARTS!

It was exciting enough that auto and gaming fans got the chance to play the new Mario Kart 7 game ahead of the anticipated release on December 4th, but the real treat of the day was the reveal of the stunning replica Mario and Luigi Karts as created by the Pimp My Ride customizers West Coast Customs. The ever-excitable US Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime says “When I saw the Karts I put out a big WOO HOO!

Mario’s traditional Kart features the shiny red and yellow paint job, those big chunky off-road wheels, a pair of huge exhausts used for those mushroom powered boosts and, of course, the M for Mario emblazoned on the front bonnet. Set for flight, a feature added in the later games, this model comes complete with glider!

The second Kart, Luigi’s Bumble-V, is a more streamlined model, featuring yellow and brown stripes and a bee’s stinger on the front end and vintage race car headlights and interior detailing. Not as cool as Mario’s ride – but if Nintendo were giving either of these Karts away, we’d leap at the chance to own one!

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what the US branch of the Japanese gaming giant intend to do, in an exclusive giveaway through retailer GameStop. Mario Kart fans signed up to GameStop ‘PowerUp Rewards’ scheme buying or trading in for the new Nintendo 3DS racer from this Friday will be eligible to win one of the two Karts.

Sadly for us Kart fans in these parts, Nintendo has slipped us the banana skin and there will sadly be no replica racers driving out onto UK streets. But we can still look forward to Mario Kart 7 coming to Nintendo 3DS on December 4th!


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