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Nintendo SNES comes back to life with handheld “Supaboy” gadget

Retro gamers and Nintendo-lifers will be overjoyed to hear the announcement of the SNES compatible “SupaBoy” – which will allow gamers to enjoy the classics via a portable platform through the original cartridges!

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Super Famicom in Asia) was the successor of the original NES and dominated the 16-bit market throughout the 90s. Even following a 64-bit effort and GameCube, fond memories of the SNES live in the hearts of Nintendo fans, with high-street games retailers and online traders still dealing in second-hand consoles and cartridges over 20 years later.

SupaBoy is a third party handheld video game console created by Hyperkin which takes the old carts for not only on the move Gameboy style play, but it can also be hooked up to your telly for big screen gaming. It also features two control pad ports for classic multiplayer fun (ie: Super Bomberman!)

The release details state that some add-ons are tested and prove compatible including shoulder mounted shooter Nintendo Super Scope (remember that beast?) – although a drawback is that currently not all games have been verified as able to work on the Supaboy gaming gadget, and this only includes US and Japan carts – sadly PAL (European) games are untested. Britons interested in enjoying this blast from the past may like to start setting up an eBay account today!

Expected in the States this Summer coming in at $79.99 – We’re hoping it will become Europe-ready at some point and UK gamers can enjoy the retro gaming experience amidst the hype of owning a Nintendo 3DS or Wii. Let’s face it – SNES is still the most fun you can have with a Nintendo!

Release info with full gadget specs can be found on the Hyperkin website.

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