Nintendo Wii U Games Will Not Cost “$100 Pre-Order” – Official

Nintendo has spoken out about the speculation from online retailers that some of the pre-order games for the new Wii U will cost up to an unbelievable $100 (around £65), stating these figures are “fictitious” and should not be acknowledged as the real deal.

As the pre-sale buzz starts ahead of the autumn release of the new Wii U console – referred to as a “living room revolution” with its HD tablet controller, the GamePad, some of its 25 plus opening titles such as New Super Mario U, Batman: Arkham City – Armoured Edition and Zombi U are being listed on various retail websites at purely preposterous made up prices before the legit info has been announced officially by Nintendo and its publishing partners the likes of Ubisoft, Activision and EA Games.

The Wii U console itself is yet to be priced up and announced for an official release date, but games on this side of the pond are estimated to arrive at around the £40 mark and Nintendo says “When software pricing is officially announced later this year, I am sure retailers will adjust their websites to reflect the true price.”

We’ve seen this kind of thing happen before with merchants trying to get ahead of the game and filling up their page markers before the accurate information is made available, and we suggest if you see any suspect information to follow Nintendo’s instruction and disregard it. Gadget Helpline will continue to follow the Nintendo Wii U and bring you the latest pricing and availability details right here on the blog.

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