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Google drops Gmail app for Blackberry

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Google has announced its plans to pull the Gmail app for Blackberry devices as of November 22nd.

This news follows Google withdrawal of its email software from Apple’s App Store almost immediately after its launch, teasing then denying iPhone owners dedicated app access to the popular messaging service which boasts over 260-million account users on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.


Google will not be forsaking the mobile platform entirely and will still be focussing on developing its browser based Gmail service online for personal computer and smartphone and the service will still be popping up through the in-built mail client on all of RIM’s mobile gadgets, users just won’t benefit from quick access and shortcutting.

Speaking of its plan via the App blog Google says: “Over this past year, we’ve focused efforts on building a great Gmail experience in the mobile browser and will continue investing in this area” – So, it’ll still be accessible just won’t be available as stand-alone software anymore.

There’s nothing too unbearable here, just a lot of head scratching. The good news is that other trusted Google applications such as Maps and Calendar remain and Google has made no gesture to suggest that these features will be pulled – yet.

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