Nokia Lumia 900 Coming “End of Feb” 2012 Claims Tweet From Swiss Telecom

The big bro of Nokia Windows Phone range, the elusive Lumia 900, is on its way to Europe at the end of February – that’s if a tweet by Swiss Telecom can be trusted. The tweet was shared by the customer care account on Twitter in response to a follower’s question regarding the availability of several Windows Phones including the Lumias 800 and 900, as well as HTC Titan.

The response from Swiss_Com reads “Various factors influence the decision to offer a device (e.g. purchase price, our portfolio design, availability). 900: end of Feb.” – A little tweet, but a big statement considering Nokia itself hasn’t even confirmed anything about the Lumia 900, albeit for a possible video leak that was released and immediately pulled and may or may not feature be the gadget in question. Mysterious.

Another potential leak reveals that the Lumia 900 will feature that all-new ‘Mango’ update for Microsoft’s mobile OS Windows Phone, will run on a 1.4GHz CPU with a 4.3” AMOLED screen.

We’ll be following the Nokia Lumia range, including little bro Lumia 710, as they roll out over the next few months. For now check out the awesome Batman themed Dark Knight Rises Lumia 800 variant just launched in London – as well as our video reviews of the regular model!

[A random added fact: “Lumia” was an early twentieth century term used to describe “art created from light”.]

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