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Nokia Lumia EOS reviewed early, high quality pictures show epic rear camera

Nokia’s next flagship Windows Phone looks to have made an impromptu early debut, with one lucky soul getting some hands on time with the PureView camera boasting device and even going as far as posting a review with quality pictures online.

We’ve recently spotted the phone’s outer shell in some blurry images from the Far East, but today we’ve got a selection of much better quality snaps that show off the phone’s design. It’s easy to see that the Lumia EOS, or whatever it will eventually be called – Lumia 1000, perhaps? – will feature a very similar design to the Lumia 800 and 900 before it.

The phone features the same black polycarbonate body, curved sides and flat edges for the top and bottom and three physical keys on the right edge for volume, power and camera. The SIM slot and headphone socket are located on the top edge, whilst the bottom edge features a micro USB socket and lanyard attachment.

Where things really get interesting is on the back. Again we can see that large, raised circular area that hosts the large image sensor – supposedly the same 41 megapixel one as in the 808 PureView – along with LED and Xenon flash modules. From the images in the review it appears that the phone is a prototype or test device, as the camera is labelled ‘XX Mega Pixel’, presumably so as to hide the phone’s big feature. Nokia’s PureView and Carl Zeiss labels are there, indicating that the phone will use a quality Zeiss lens and the Finnish company’s PureView technology for better image stabilisation and low light shooting.

A snapshot of the device’s screen shows the EE app, which leads us to believe that the phone pictured is a test model currently in the UK, being used to show networks ahead of the device’s release. The device’s authenticity seems legit, but we’re certain it’s not the finished product.